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Choose Your Upgrade

When it comes to changing your life, there is no right or wrong for all of us. You must decide. Ask yourself: Do I allow my life to stay this way, or should I disrupt it?

Do you feel unhappy in your current life position? Without direction about what to do next? Does that make you feel unstable with your personal, professional, and financial life? While pain is inevitable, Suffering is a choice. Your suffering can be released by managing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual State. Your life completely transforms when you make lifting your State habit. Live Feedback walks you through, step by step, to: manage your state, unlock your greatest potential, and magnetize you to the life you want. It’s time to learn the truth about Your Live Feedback: Your Body’s Inner Guidance System.

Do you know how your mind works? Do you struggle overcoming your failures? We want you to know you’re not alone. You don’t have to squeeze by in life thinking no one knows how hard that is for you. What is your suffering worth? It’s time to open the lockbox of your mind. To get out of the maze. No more hoping things will improve. You will make them better. You need the key that unlocks your mind. Choose Your Subconscious Upgrade and change everything.

Don't you Wish your life came with a Manual? Like there could be a Way to Get consistent answers to life's most challenging aspects... Relationships, finances, spirituality, health, psychology--anything in one place... We believe that Awareness and Growth go hand in hand, but we can't always be there with you. Luckily, because we Want you to Succeed and Upgrade your life so much, we finally have a way to deliver as much gold in the treasure chest as possible--whether we're with you live or in the HUE CLUB! Join the tribe that's getting minds online around the Globe. With hours of endless Coaching content, monthly calls, and new content delivered each month, you will have access to Without Bounds all day every day! Come Heal, Uplift, & Empower yourself and your world. Let's add color to your life! HUE!

How long will you keep reading before you look away? What's it going to mean for your time, energy, and attention if you're Dominated by Distraction? Social Media, advertising, people, cell phones...all of them are starting to accelerate in their ability to deteriorate your already limited time, energy, and attention. Do you know that back in 2000 the human attention span clocked in at 12s? Do you want to know what's embarrassing? Today, the human attention span has disintegrated by 33%. That's right, we're down to 8s of attention. Worse? The goldfish beats us with 9s. The F^C#%NG Goldfish?! Let's cut the leash that technology and distraction have on your life. Reclaim your Time, Energy, & Attention from the greedy hands of your distractions...

What were you thinking about a minute ago? Why were you thinking it? And how does that make you feel? We all have a story playing out in our minds. Your story is different than ours, and that makes what you experience radically unique. But the danger of living in your story is this: that you can lose track of seeing things as they are, without labels, judgments, or assumptions; that you can get lost in thought, creating mental and emotional traps of anxiety, depression, and despair; and that you can become a victim of your own paradoxical pride and self-loathing. The Ego robs you of gratitude and happiness. It is a Beast that best remain small, and we finally have a place for you to begin eliminating its control over your your relationships, your happiness, and your experience. Learn tools that will silence the storm inside your mind and calm the tide of emotion in your body. Learn how the Ego shows up in your Story, and you can change your story for good.

Your Subconscious controls 95% of your life. Breathing, blinking, thinking. You do things in your life thousands of times a day without thinking, day in and day out. Are you a slave to your bad habits? What about your Negative thoughts? Have you ever considered how your mind becomes programmed? Your mind is passively hijacked if you watch TV, use your phone, and listen without reflecting. You can finally tap into the brilliance of your subconscious on your terms and begin to upgrade your level of action to create greater wealth, health, and happiness. Stay on the cutting edge and take the lazy man's way to manifesting your new and better life!