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The Boundless Coaching Experience

At Without Bounds we believe Coaching is the Highest commitment you can make to your Personal, Professional, & Financial life. To accelerate your healing, uplifting, and empowering, the right guidance mixed with accountability will make all the difference. Ask yourself, Do I want a teacher or a coach? Do I want to work with a team that will give me more than just advice? Do I want to upgrade my life? If you want a Coach, someone who will do more than tell you what to do, and you want to change now, then The Boundless Coaching Experience is for you, your organization, and your executives.

We offer a wide range of Coaching Services to address Your needs. Forward all requests for coaching/speaking to

  • Individual Coaching (1-1)
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Group Coaching/Workshops
  • Speaking
  • Executive/Employee Coaching
  • Business Meditation Coaching

The Team

Jordan M. Fishman
Jordan M. FishmanCoach
Jordan is your calm, courteous, and composed coach. Your deep dive into your mind, body, and spirit starts with his gentle yet firm guidance. Jordan helps you overcome emotional pain by teaching you how to create more peace in your life. He helps you dominate distraction and fire up your focus. Jordan aims to embody HUE and serve you to find your own mission.
James Cosentino
James CosentinoCoach
James is your high energy, driven, and focused coach. Your soaring to new heights and better results begins with his proven process for success. James guides you to crush failure and learn how to identify your strengths. His persistent reminders and wittiness help you stay light and determined while overcoming your hardest challenges. James wants you to live the greatest life–better to the max–and he’s stoked to get you there.

I was nervous, afraid, challenged at first. The nerves and the fear don’t go away but now I feel the courage and confidence to go after my dreams and make them real tangible actionable steps. Coaching exceeded my expectations because I didn’t think I’d need a coach until I had one. It’s vital for personal growth that you have a mentor or coach. They keep you accountable.


Coaching with Jordan has impacted my life in many positive ways. At first, building new habits was a challenge I had to overcome alone but with the coaching and guidance, I felt that it was much easier to prioritize and execute. Working with Jordan reminds me that it’s okay to ask for help and be vulnerable because that vulnerability makes room for growth.


Without Bounds has helped me decrease a significant amount of anxiety over the past few years. Even now I’m still decreasing it, and it feels truly wonderful. My anxiety consumed me and masked my true personality and identity. And now that it is unmasked, I am learning myself for who I really am. Thank you Jordan & Jimmy.


I would like to thank Jordan for his time, patience, and helpfulness and recommend you seek his services to better your state of mind, career, and personal relationships.


From my session with Jimmy, my mindset has taken a whole new movement. I went in with some knowledge of what Jimmy spoke and taught me. But every session I learned something new and applied it immediately to my life.