Who Am I?

Jordan M. Fishman

Born to two Bronx baby-boomers, I spent my early years growing up in Queens, NY. Seeking a better life for me and my brother, my parents relocated us to the suburbs of NJ. I grew up great at three things: connecting with people, helping them feel better, and storytelling. The human connection is quite possibly one of the deepest we have: Early on, I knew my life work would be to help others directly—to make that connection and deepen my worldview and understanding. As a kid, I would sit or lay for hours, meditatively coming up with stories, or pouring over the stories already told about our wild world. All along, I felt connected to something greater than myself. When all my friends touted off on being atheists, that life was material and meaningless, I could never bring myself to agree.

So I didn’t.

That feeling evolved into my first book and process for making sense of my connections: Live Feedback. Be patient as I bring it to production!

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