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HUE is a philosophy as much as it is a mission. To me, life is about growth: plain and simple. Ever since I can remember, I have sought out anything that would help me grow and add meaning to my life. As I lived, experienced, and changed, I saw a pattern to my life that described how I was able to grow—to get the most out of myself. It was when I cleaned out and closed up my wounds; when I chose to feel great for its own sake; and when I chose to do the hard things—I felt the most meaning in my life: I grew. To heal, uplift, and empower myself & the world became the mission. It grew to become the way I would consciously approach my work, my relationships, and my life. HUE are the first words I think when I wake up; they are the words I invoke before and after I do anything; and they are what I believe I came here to do, why I was born. So let me ask you…Do you want to add color to your life? Join me, my friends: Let’s Heal, Uplift, and Empower Ourselves & the World!
I have more, yet this is fine for meow.

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